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Sesame or Zlangan is a type of plant that follows the pedal class of the oral level. Sesame oil crops have been used since ancient times, the resulting oil contains a high proportion of proteins and fatty acids and flavonoids antioxidant, which contributes to the retention of natural properties Sesame oil is also used in cooking and many people use in food, adding to popular dishes and Many societies continue to adopt it for medical and therapeutic purposes, as it is used in the manufacture of sweets and pies. Sesame oil is known as sorghum or shirg. In Iraq, it is called rice. It is eaten with dates and is used in preparing chickpeas. After sesame, a white or brown substance called tahini is extracted from sesame.

Sesame is grown from mid-late February to mid-March. There is more than one way to grow sesame can be planted in the ponds or bring the appropriate areas of prose or planted in lines or lines and must take into account the removal of weeds harmful crop early so as not to cause any harm to the crop.
Health Benefits


  • Sesame oil does not contain cholesterol and contains vitamin e and calcium

  • Sesame contains rich mineral resources

  • Magnesium strengthens blood vessels and maintains respiratory integrity

  • Contains high-quality zinc and maintains bone health