Alexandria Export Company exports the finest types of dried mulukhya
Melochia (Latin: Corchorus olitorius) is a species of floral plants comprising 40 to 100 varieties. The lengths of their legs vary and are grown for their leaves, which are used in the work of the Malukhian dish. It has small yellow flowers that produce a number of seeds. Almlochia is one of the specialties of more than one country, including Egypt, Sudan, the Levant, Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco. But the Malukhya eaters are considered to be ancient Egyptian cuisine, and have moved to the Arab countries in turn.
Malukhia calming stomach:
Malukhiya has a softening and softening effect of the gastric membranes as it works to stimulate the stomach thanks to the fiber. Doctors are advised to take Malukhia to get rid of constipation.

Malukhya, skin and skin:
Malukhiya contains a large content of vitamin A, which helps prevent skin cracking and ulceration, especially when exposed to the sun. Besides, nicotinic acid works to treat ulcers and inflammation of the mouth. The antioxidants in melochia protect against aging.

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