Misr for trading and agriculture Company exports the finest dates
Dates are the fruits of date palms, which are common in the Arab world and have varied in their different environments and climate.
Experts agree: dates are healthy heart food
What makes dates a healthy choice for the heart? (2) they contain dietary fiber, 3) they provide 16 vitamins and minerals, and 4) have no fat or cholesterol. Amazing, huh? That strong mix makes dates (delicious and) the food you can enjoy every day healthy for the heart. * Does not apply to the heart and check the food certificate for information or links unless explicitly stated. For more information, see American Heart Nutrition Requirements
Durable power
The natural choice of sustainable energy in a world of uncertain ingredients
Natural delights dates help keep you on task during deadlines, family chaos, gym and even road companions. Unlike other snacks with refined sugars and unspeakable ingredients, Dates are whole fruits that are delicious natural sugars and are paired well against you dietary fiber. This combination is metabolized by the body slowly, resulting in permanent, natural energy to help carry you through your day – in a healthy environment, a delicious way. Grab a couple of naturally cheered dates on your way out the door, and they’ll partner your new performance.