About Us

Alexandria for trading and agriculture for Export was established to be one of the best Egyptian Export companies which seek quality and excellence in the field of exporting dates and agricultural crops. The company has the latest automated advanced production lines used in preparing and packaging dates of different kinds as well as sorting, checking and packaging grain and legumes. The company uses the local agricultural products in targeting the local and international markets by meeting the required
And Alexandria Company exports to the Arab Maghreb countries (Morocco – Tunisia – Algeria) as well as export to Turkey and in Africa we do export to Tanzania and we look forward to exporting to all countries of the world
standard specifications.



Our high quality products compete with international products and meet all specifications, standards and tastes according to the highest local and international specifications.


Import and export services. Import and export of agricultural products. All kinds of agricultural crops, such as fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, beans, dry dates and half dry

Goals and objectives

High efficiency and maintain customer confidence. Maintaining the highest quality and safety of products and crops. Help products and Egyptian crops to spread

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